The following reviews have been submitted with consent.

Jo’Nique C.

“Since working with Samina I have started to love my body again just as it is. Feeling pressured by the media on how a body should look I really found myself going into a cycle of comparison. With the help of Samina I have been able to slowly but surely overcome! I think the words that best describe the way she practices is NO JUDGMENT ZONE! She meets you where you are and helps you build realistic goals to accomplish overtime. :) thank you Samina!”

Kailey A.

“I've been fortunate enough to work with Samina for the past few years, and feel beyond blessed to call her my favorite RD and sweet friend (and I don't say that lightly). Favorite RD because she is so personal, compassionate and clearly loves what she does. Sweet friend because she has listened, empathized with and invested herself in my own life.

After experiencing monthly migraines with aura for 7 months, I finally brought the crippling problem to Samina. She was able to give me what I felt like were some simple nutritional tips. The dietary changes that Samina proposed ceased my migraine symptoms completely after just one month of implementing, and those simple changes soon turned into a new way of life for me. Praise God for her help!

Thank you Samina for the life changing impact you made. I truly appreciate you, all you have done and all that you continue to do!”

Cole S. (1-Month Package)

“I would highly recommend Wholesome Start's nutrition services to anyone looking to learn more about, understand better or change their dietary habits. Samina is easy to work with, extremely responsive, understanding & open-minded and gives you tons of information/resources to guide you through the process. Samina is an A+ dietitian and person.”

Breanna (1-Month Package + 3-Month Package)

“I came to Samina for help with digestion, IBS, and bloating. Samina was knowledgeable and compassionate. Her involvement with my food journal really helped keep me on track and helped me not give up. Samina has a very free, compassionate and optimistic outlook towards food and nutrition. This outlook was just what I needed to stay compliant without the guilt. Even after just one month working with Samina I've seen more results than 10 years worth of doctors visits and medications and I feel like I have achieved greater freedom in my relationship with food.”

Tyler Marcotte (Initial Consult)

“I came to Samina initially to lose weight. Samina provided me with information on how to meal prep in advance and which foods I can add to my diet. I would recommend her, she was very helpful and taught me a lot.”

Stephen (1-Month Package)

“After an initial discussion, Samina was able to rapidly provide a workable meal plan that addressed very immediate nutritional needs within a complex arrangement of dietary restrictions for ingredients, allergies, preference, size and texture. The best thing about working with Samina is that she’s smart, agile, and diligent at working within extremely complex sets of dietary constraints. I actually feel a lot better than before.”

Andie C. (Repeated 3-Month Package)

“I have made significant progress in understanding what my body needs and what makes it feel healthy and nourished. Samina was always very willing to listen to my concerns and adjust my protocol as needed to meet my current needs.I would highly recommend Wholesome Start to someone looking to work with a registered dietitian, as Samina offers services that work with any schedule and address a variety of diet-related issues and concerns. I had a great experience with Wholesome Start from start to finish!”

KJ (1-Month Package)

“ I came to Samina for help with my son’s food intolerances and growth concerns. I wanted to make sure my son was eating enough calories and to expand his food menu with all of his restrictions. The best thing about working with Samina was her patience, explanations, and recipes. She is an awesome dietitian, I would recommend her.

Chelsy P. (1-Month Package)

“I would recommend Wholesome Start and I would say that it helped me get through some disordered eating and to find foods that I enjoy eating that are also healthy for my body. The best thing is how I feel so much better now than I did. I appreciate the new skills. I’ve really enjoyed this. It has helped my food anxiety tremendously!”

Elizabeth (1-month package)

“Samina patiently taught me about nutritional recipes that were delicious but also gave me energy. After working with Samina, I feel like I am more supportive of my efforts to be healthy and it has become more of a priority. I loved meeting on the computer rather than having to meet in person because it saved me so much time.”

dani (Repeated 3-Month Package)

“I have learned how to really gauge my hunger and fullness levels. Samina has given me a lot of valuable information as well as validation and normalization to my feelings. She has also shared recipes with me and has challenged me anyways that causes me discomfort and in the end helped me grow.”

R.S. (1-Month Package)

“Samina gave me multiple recipes and ideas to start and continue my plant based diet.  She also helped me to recognize which foods/drinks might trigger my reflux. After meeting with her, I was confident about her knowledge and used the tools and advice that she gave me. I feel confident and happy about eating again. I also have not had any reflux symptoms during the month I met with Samina and I have continued on that path. I was appreciative that Samina took the time to really listen to what I wanted out of our sessions and provided feedback on those issues. I do plan on signing up for more sessions near the end of the year.”

Kelly (3-Month Package)

“I have always struggled with my relation with food and craving unhealthy things and needed guidance on how to get back on the right track. I didn't want to do a traditional diet but rather something that I needed. I learned how to snack and how to have a balanced plate at each meal as well as water intake. I love how I feel each day now and not have to think, "how is this going to make my body look if I eat this or that." Or even "well I ate bad at lunch so I can't eat that for dinner." It's all about the balance. Samina was amazing through my lifestyle journey! Not only did she help with my eating habits but with my relationship with food and how I view it! No doubt that I would recommend her to anyone because she does something different for each person! Very personal and is always willing to help!!! Thank you!"

A.K. (Repeated 3-Month Package)

"Samina really dug into my specific daily habits to give tailored advice to me, and she gave suggestions on tweaks to make to my routine to set me up for success. She has been an invaluable accountability buddy and helps me set realistic goals, and reminds me of evidence-backed solutions. Samina is a real person. She understands that life is complicated, and that people are in different places when it comes to health and wellness. She would never recommend something that would be a complete 180 degree change to someone's life. She focuses on small, sustainable changes that set her clients up for success, and guides her clients towards choosing their own goals over imposing unrealistic expectations on them. I would absolutely recommend Samina to anyone interested in working with an RD. She puts the work in to give 100% to her clients, she will customize plans for you that mirror your exact goals, and she is a great listener. You should hire her. That is all."

M.H. (Initial Consult + 2 Follow-up sessions)

"I really love the not one-size-fits-all approach. We are all different and we all respond to different tunings. The holistic and personal approach is excellent."

C.K. (1-Month Package)

"I have controlled my A1C... dropped my blood pressure and lost weight. Thank you Samina for all your guidance. It is very much appreciated."

R.A. (Initial consult + 4 follow-up sessions)

"Samina has educated me on the scientific evidence of pre and post workout healthy nutrition which continues to further my knowledge to maximize my fitness goals."

L.A. (Repeated 3-Month Package)

"I was a bit skeptical at first, but knew that I wanted to make healthy changes in my life. Samina provided insight on ways specific to ME! She constantly provided recipes, suggestions and motivational goals tailored to my current level of activity. It made me feel "special" and has positively motivated me to not give up. To date, I have increased my physical activity and eat healthier, make better choices in shopping and helped my husband to eat better and walk! I have lost weight 8lbs slowly, so I know long term this weight will stay off."